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Self-Hypnosis Home Study Course

Whether you are just curious about hypnosis or you are wanting to change an unwanted behavior, this short, sweet, simple, direct and to the point book will answer your questions and help you get started to making the change you want to make happen.


This quick, simple, easy to read guide teaches you enough about hypnosis so you can make eliminate unwanted behaviors in your life.

Client Assessment for Hypnotherapists

Client assessment is not just a onetime occurrence at the beginning of the first session. It is an ongoing tool for the hypnotherapist to use before, during and after each session. This manual outlines the need for continuous client assessment and how to do that, what questions to ask, what language patterns to use, what to look for. It also includes how to write proper DAP notes along with DAP forms and a completed sample DAP form


An easy to read "how to" book for hypnotherapists wanting to improve their success rate with clients

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Resolve A New Model of Therapy by Richard Bolstad

This book integrates NLp's effective brief therapy and the personal encounter of psychotherapy.Using techinques that access the deeper structures of the brain for fast, permanent change. Author Richard Bolstad's frame work is clear, easy to follow and can be used by anyone wanting to make fundamental life changes quickly and effectively


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Self-Hypnosis and Other Mind Expanding Techniques by Charles Tebbetts

Through the simple, easy-to-understand instructions, of this book, you will quickly learn the positive are of auto-suggestion as well as other mind-expanding techniques such as: transcendental meditation, biofeedback, faith healing, pre-birth regression, and ESP. Author Charles Tebbetts, was one of the top teachers of self-hypnosis in the country, until he died at age 92


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Weight Management by Elizabeth Dailey

Shed those extra pounds and keep them off Permanently with the help of this CD by Elizabeth Dailey, MA, CHt


[nicepaypallite name="weight management" amount="$20.00"]

Relaxation by Elizabeth Dailey

Stressful day at work! Kids going wild! traffic, traffic, and more traffic! Take your shoes off, kick back and relax with this CD by Elizabeth Dailey, MA, CHt


[nicepaypallite name="relaxation" amount="$20.00"]

Insomnia Relief

This CD by Elizabeth Dailey, MA, CHt, will help you fall asleep easily and effortlessly night after night. A study in the UK compared the use of a sleep drug, a placebo, and hypnosis in patients with chronic insomnia. Patients receiving hypnosis alone consistently fell asleep faster and stayed asleep longer than either of the other two groups.


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Test Anxiety by Elizabeth Dailey

This CD by Elizabeth Daily, MA, CHt, focuses on helping you overcome anxiety about taking a test. Traditional psychology focuses on what is wrong, while Elizabeth focuses on what is right and builds from there.


[nicepaypallite name="test anxiety" amount="$20.00"]

Easy, Relaxing Dental Visits by Tony Warren

This CD by Tony Warren, Ht, allows you to enjoy easy, relaxing visits to your dentist. Imagine how it will feel when every dental visit is like a mini vacation on a tropical beach. Using the power of hypnosis this CD enables you to use your own mind to create a wonderful new reality, a new you who enjoys going to the dentist


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Computer confidence by Pam Mills

This CD offers basic suggestions and confidence to those people who have never used a computer before


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Deep daydreams by Pam Mills

If you ever experience stress, then this CD is for you. Not only will you release the current stress that you are experiencing, you will learn a technique that will help you release stress anytime you start to experience it


[nicepaypallite name="Deep Daydreams" amount="$20.00"]

Fear of Flying by Pam Mills

If you would like to travel the world over, or just go visit family and friends but are troubled by flying this this CD is for you. Listen to it several times before you ever get on the plane and while you are flying and notice how calm and confident you feel.


[nicepaypallite name="Fear of Flying" amount="$20.00"]

Honor the Self by Pam Mills

This CD offer suggestions to build your self-confidence and supports you in gaining The respect each of us deserves


[nicepaypallite name="Honor the Self" amount="$20.00"]

The Massage by Pam Mills

Kick back relax and get ready for one of the best chair massages you have ever experienced


[nicepaypallite name="Massage" amount="$20.00"]

No More Butts by Pam Mills

Listening to this CD at least once a day, every day will support you in reaching your goal of Being a non-smoker


[nicepaypallite name="No More Butts" amount="$20.00"]

Weight Control by Pam Mills

The suggestions on this CD are designed to support you in reaching your realistic ideal size and weight, and then help you easily and effortlessly maintain that ideal size and weight


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