Tom N I am so glad I found this class. I owe hypnotists everywhere a big apology for for giving many years of psychology students misinformation, thinking it was accurate. I learned so much from this one small class, it was well worth the $100. I want to encourage all teachers to take this class and learn the truth about hypnosis. Tom N Iowa City, Iowa

Ed O Pam had been coming to my high school psychology classes in Denver for over 15 years and most of that time I encouraged her to set something like this up and I am so glad she finally did. I took the class and even though much of it is what she talked about in class, I still learned some new things and had fun doing. Now I show my students suggestibility tests, that Pam does not do, and I can accurately answer most of the questions. Thanks again Pam, I appreciate you still coming to my classes. Ed O

Sharon Cairns Mann The most impressive aspect of my education at Denver School of Hypnotherapy was the variety of instructors, the depth of their experience, the knowledge and wisdom they possessed, and the wide-range of perspectives that they brought to students.” By Sharon Cairns Mann

Elizabeth Herron Had my first Spider Fear/Phobia this past week. Was so awesome. I determined her fear triggered by an event had turned phobic and dealt with it in short order. Morning after the day she had therapy for it... (as my first session was basically a get to know her and relaxation) ...She saw a spider crawling next to her hand and squished it with her bare hand. The day before that she would have had a full on panic attack. She was so excited and happy she posted it and gave me permission to re-share. Now I have people asking me for help. So cool. Thank you Pam! I ask them what they want to accomplish and just wing it. it always feels so natural. I know my time with you was brief, but you are such a major influence in my life...just wanted you to know. Happily, Liz

Mike Zelman, MA, LPC, CHt The Denver School of Hypnotherapy is the premier educational institute for becoming a hypnotherapist. Their curriculum prepared me to become a master hypnotist as well as a therapist. Their courses are designed to train students in a wide range of theories and styles which allowed me to pick and choose the ones that best fit my personality. We received the best training in the country by professional instructors that really cared about our careers. I highly recommend The Denver School of Hypnotherapy to anyone interested in becoming a hypnotherapist.

Patrick Kilbane, Doublin, Ireland "My reason was that 500 classroom hours seems extremely comprehensive; actually the most in depth course that I have come across. From looking at various training schools on the internet there seems to be a standard of about 120 hours or so being adopted eg. the IMDHA. Also many schools in the U.K. including the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) seem to operate on similar training periods including the very few schools here in Ireland. Of course even worse is the U.S. based NGH requiring only about 75 class hours. The only school in Canada (Edmonton) covers the full 300 hours but still cannot compare to your course in terms of duration. That is basically the reason for my interest in your school including the fact that students get " real client" experience which many schools dont seem to incorporate & also your fees seem very competitive."

Nancy Wineguard, Boulder, Colorado "I am very grateful that I found the Denver School of Hypnotherapy because it has been a life-changing experience. The school attracts and selects high caliber students, from diverse walks of life, which contributes to a very positive learning environment and to stimulating class discussions. The school's faculty members are deeply caring and well-trained therapists who are very experienced in their particular areas of interest but who are also, always,creatively pursuing the best and newest methods for truly helping other people. The teachers are well-equipped to teach methods of short-term therapy as well as long-term modalities suitable for healing deeper and more complex psychological and emotional wounding. These teachers create a learning atmosphere of excitement because they are willing to share their most significant insights, discoveries and experiences with the students. They sincerely want the school's graduates to be the best hypnotherapies that they can be. All of this has been made possible by the founder and director of the school, Pam Mills, who has developed a program that is both broad in scope and rich in its depth of information. Pam has taken great care to make sure her students receive an extensive foundation in therapy and hypnotherapy, while also maintaining an open, creative community of teachers and students that is ever growing and developing. Having found this community, I believe that I have found a place from which I'll be intellectually and emotionally nourished by future colleagues, for years to come. I can highly recommend the Denver School of Hypnotherapy to anyone who seriously seeks training in the therapeutic arts."

Joyce Butyne-Garrett, CHt, Denver, Colorado "I can't tell you how grateful I am that you have made this class possible. It has been challenging - exactly my hope."

Bruce Koehn, MHt, Tribune, Kansas "Tuition, $3,900... Books, $200... Internship, $200...learning experience, student/instructor interaction, life changing experiences....priceless."

Maureen Meegan, CHt,Denver, Colorado "The instructor level of knowledge was well above average. Having Pam as the first instructor was key-enthusiastic and no holds barred."

Tory White, CHt Duluth, Minnesota "After attending a continuing education class at The Denver School Of Hypnotherapy, I realized how inadequate my training from another school was and decided to take their entire hypnotherapist training course. What an eye opening experience that was! I will never take any classes from another school, they just don't measure up to the same standards and quality education that I got from The Denver School Of Hypnotherapy."

Lillian Pettinato, RN, CA, CHt, Trenton, New Jersey "The Denver School Of Hypnotherapy is the best hypnosis school this side of the Mississippi."

Karen Bennett, CCHT, Parker, Colorado "The Denver School Of Hypnotherapy put me in contact with brilliant minds in the field of hypnotherapy. The instructors challenged me in ways that helped me to grow not only as professional, but in spirit as well. I began school with one goal in mind and finished truly believing that the possibilities are endless."

Bonnie Jean Coleman, MA, CHt "Before I decided to attend the Denver School of Hypnotherapy, I had been looking around for a good school in the Denver area for almost two years and I could not make up my mind to enroll in any of the schools that I came across. Finally I learned about the Denver School of Hypnotherapy. I did not waste any time to meet with Pam Mills to discuss the program. She explained to me the lay out of 500 hours serious program with extensive exposure to therapeutic concepts, theories and hands on experience. I made up my mind right then there and registered.

Stan Manickam, MS.,MS., MT., LPh., CHt. "One of the things quite remarkable about this school is that it has highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are very passionate about the subject they teach. They make sure that the students get the best of training in actual sessions with real clients. They encourage inquisitive spirit and learning interaction among the students which compounds the individual and group learning. Having completed the ten month learning and training in hypnotherapy in the Denver School Hypnotherapy, I feel very confident and competent to practice hypnotherapy and I am having great success with my clients".

Jared Scriven, CHt "I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the school. I think one of the greatest things was all the different teachers. It allows a student to experience different teaching styles as well as different therapy styles."

Kris Kistler, CHT Parker, CO "I am very happy with my choice of the Denver School of Hypnotherapy for this phase of my education. Not only has it proven to be one of the most comprehensive programs in terms of hours, but the curriculum has been even more than expected. What I found most valuable was the variety and expertise of the instructors who are “real world“ practitioners with years of experience, not just professional teachers. Not only are the essentials learned, but the little tips and tricks that can be gleaned from the teaching staff has been priceless. The offerings of additional specialty classes and education to parallel the direct coursework requirements provide the student with a chance to excel in the marketplace, and to provide even better services to the public. And after all, isn’t that what it’s supposed to be about?"

Brett Davis, CHt Denver, Colorado “I absolutely enjoyed this class. Seeing Pam’s style was so invigorating. She is a very confident teacher. She kept my interest.”

Linda Songas, MHt, Westminster, Colorado “Excellent Cass! Very knowledgeable instructor. I would love to take other classes from Pam Mills."

Robin Andersen, CHt Parker, Colorado “This class was such an eye-opener for me. I so much appreciate the unexpected opportunity to observe your style of work…..I’d simply not been exposed to such an open nature from many other therapist. A Delight. The content was great & the presentation was clear & easily understood. Thanks for a great weekend.”

Katherine Kelley, CHt Morrison, Colorado "Class went well. It was smooth and comfortable – no judgments or power isssues.”

Marian Svobda, CHt, Aurora, Colorado “Pam your knowledge is wonderful.” Mary Treaster, CHt Lakewood, Colorado

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