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Online Hypnotherapist Training Classes

Over the years people have asked me if we do online classes, and my answer has always been no. I guess I am either old fashioned and/or protective of the school’s excellent reputation to risk the potential problems I see with online hypnotherapist training.

Some online schools require the student to send a dvd of a client session so it can reviewed by someone at the school. Most of the time, the client is a friend and/or family member of the student, which right off the bat is illegal in Colorado, where I live, because it is considered both a dual relationship and a conflict of interest.

My other issue with this is, if something does not go well, there is no one with any experience to help both the client and the student out. I have heard too many believable (and many more not so believable) horror stories of sessions gone wrong because of inexperience and lack of knowledge on the part of the student. By the time the dvd of the session gets to the proper people, the damage has been done and there is no one around to undo it.

I also watched one of my daughters good friends get an A in an online college course that she never even took. Another person offered to take the class for her, so the friend gave the third person all the information she needed to take the class. Granted, I don’t see someone registering for hypnotherapist training and then having someone else take the course for them, what I could see happening is someone skipping most of the preparatory work and getting right to the “how tos” and then accidently have something go really bad because the student didn’t know what he/she didn’t know.

On the other hand, I will say that I have/am seriously considering offering some online continuing education classes to people who are well trained (and can prove it) experienced hypnotherapists, because as we all know, if the session is client lead – the therapist goes where the client takes him, instead of following the therapists’ agenda – the session will never go as expected and the therapist will be able take care of whatever may come up.

What are your thoughts and beliefs around online classes for hypnotherapist training?

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