So you are up on a stage in front of many dozens of people wondering why in the world you are clucking like a chicken. Because of scenarios like this, many clinical hypnotherapists scorn stage hypnosis stating that it is degrading to the profession. My personal belief is that if stage hypnosis is done in good taste, then let the good times roll. Stage hypnosis, is one of the best ways to promote hypnosis and hypnotherapy in general. Experienced stage hypnotists can keep an audience entertained with sidesplitting  laughter for hours. What better way to unwind and forget about life for a while after a brutal day at work than doing something that can be enjoyed by the entire family.  I  have seen many stage shows where at the beginning of the show the hypnotist explains that stage hypnosis is just one of the many ways hypnosis can be used, and will then go on and explain many other uses for hypnosis, such as: therapeutic, sports, painless childbirth, forensic, etc. I truly believe there is a place in this world for a good stage hypnosis show. What do you think

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