March 12, 2016 @ 9:00 am – March 13, 2016 @ 6:00 pm
The Denver School of Hypnotherapy
2620 S Parker Rd
Aurora, CO 80014
$250.00 US
Pam Mills

Imagine a client who suffers a severe trauma with debilitating pain and a vivid memory of falling over 15 feet and shattering a bone.

What if there was a way to modify or remove the traumatic event? The severe pain was gone, but they noticed they had a limp. The doctor then discovered the real issue, the damage from the traumatic event resulted in one limb being shorter than the other.  A shunt to make up the difference and they never had another issue.

Resolving trauma may depend on the level of emotions connected to the memory.  You may have a client who struggles in releasing trauma, blocking continued progress or someone who won’t talk about the traumatic event.

If a memory has emotions removed, the memory can be modified in a hypnotic state to facilitate the client’s ability to process.


Students should have at least a MHt (250 classroom hrs), BS degree in psychology or related field, or equivalent counseling experience with approval by the instructor    

                                                                      Class Agenda will include:

  • Current memory modification being studied
  • Memory processing allowing memory modification
  • Exploring processes being used to remove emotions
  • Exploring processes to modify the memory
  • Hands on demonstration

Hands on practice    

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